We Call It Mikrodisko

by BOYS'R'US, Kassem Mosse, volt.ctrl

Zolarem 06:13
group alpha alpha echo alpha echo alpha echo group
Cielo Azzuro 07:02



x 1 k a s s e m m o s s e : z o l a r e m . a hand-crafted minimal-tool. its groove and mood are reminiscent of the early nineties, when "minimal techno" still used to be a sound "for those who know." recorded entirely in mono, "zolarem", the xanax of the near east, is a bold and rough, rather insensitive ode to an age without laptops.

x 2 v o l t . c t r l : m e s s a g e f r o m h a i f a. a bit of heavy listening: grinding analogue synthsounds disrupt the hypnotic radio alphabet detachedly recited by an unknown lady. the announcement of apparently meaningless letters, taken from a still operating number station, does not convey a message in this re-arrangement, but uses the letters as readable "fraud" lyrics. "message from haifa" reconnects our deepest neurons, while showing volt.ctrl's fascination with the inexhaustible repertoire of sound contained in a slowly dying frequency spectrum.

y 1 b o y s ' r ' u s : c i e l o a z z u r r o. when is a track a track? is this track a song? - boys'r'us' debut track is deep technohouse, highly useful for the early morning hours when the evocative melodies of the harmonic, almost pop-ish loop-chords create moments of bliss in the club. both the warm, punchy subbass and the trickily rattling drums aim for your legs and stomach.

y 2 k a s s e m m o s s e : t h e r e v e l a t i o n o f f r a n c e s g r e e n is a re-re-re-resampled dreamy analog recording. the track creates a mood which you find only at slide shows by italian nuns speaking on infamous parts of chicago. all you hear is their hushed voices and the static hum of a projector.


released September 1, 2006

Mastered by Dubplates & Mastering (Berlin, Germany)


all rights reserved



MIKRODISKO Leipzig, Germany

378 Characters Mikrodisko

The Sound of: Musical Generics, Lost&Found, Euphotronics, Techon, MDM-X, Experi-Listening, Socio Relevance, Promo Beats, Cutted Edges, Flex-Routines, Folkloric Dance, Inside Out, Vinyl Come Outs, Nano Lipsitek, Technohouse, Re-Rhizome, Homolektriks and Atlantis. – "We call it Mikrodisko."

The Label is operating between Leipzig + Berlin since 2006.
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