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Lifetime Subscription

by Various Artists




it always starts the same: you become a part of life. you have no idea of what was there before or what you were doing, and yet, that’s it, you can now sense that you are within something moving, breathing, heart pumping. something that sings, that speaks, that whispers and screams, all at the same time. an ocean of noise and forces. you might not like that noise, but you’re inside it now, and even, you are making noise too. and just like that, the ocean got a little bit louder. again. this thing called life. from the void, you start to be. from the void, you’re dropped in the middle of the playground, with no warning or asking. let the fun begin, right?


and yet, here it is, already: your first – and what first! – subscription. with this thing XXX subscribed you to, a whole universe has open its doors for you: the fantastic world of subscriptions. a lifetime of offers and wonders, choices and deci-sions. a place where everything is possible ... as long as you subscri-be. from now on, and until life’s dusk, you will be offered a thousand of roads and paths to enlight this thing they say is your existence. it won’t last forever though, and don’t even start to think there will be enough for everyone. hurry, humble customer, subscribe, subscribe, there is so much to gain! and it won’t be for much: all they want is your time, will, thoughts and energy

what would you like in return? there’s all you need: light, love, money, jobs, freedom, beer, friendship, juice, smiles, laughs, and tears, knowledge and speed; tv for dogs, dogs for humans and humans for tv, jazz music, techno music, house music, rock music, music, music, music, there’s dicks, there’s cunts, assholes, youth, wisdom, sardines, chocolate, mysteries and certitudes. 42. yellow leaves and red curtains. some relief then, no more pain. you’re damn right life is great. life is rich, and full of mysteries yet to discover.


you have the right to believe that the spoon does not exist. that the cake is a lie.
after all, you did felt these breaches of light when you took the red pill. when you felt love, or whatever that was, that time, that time or that time. when you encountered art, no matter its form, that time, that time or that time. and you do remember very well when you heard that timel-ess loop in the zukunft morning for the first time. and you started to wonder if you should not have had more from the sunset. as charles b. would say, you could unlearn the teachings of the church, state and educational system. you could be here to drink beer. to kill war, and everything that stands in your way. get rid of the fear, and embrace the unknown. to laugh at the odds and live your life so well that death will tremble to take you. life is rich, and full of mysteries yet to discover. see you, wanderer.


released March 12, 2016

Outfit by Diashi


all rights reserved



MIKRODISKO Leipzig, Germany

378 Characters Mikrodisko

The Sound of: Musical Generics, Lost&Found, Euphotronics, Techon, MDM-X, Experi-Listening, Socio Relevance, Promo Beats, Cutted Edges, Flex-Routines, Folkloric Dance, Inside Out, Vinyl Come Outs, Nano Lipsitek, Technohouse, Re-Rhizome, Homolektriks and Atlantis. – "We call it Mikrodisko."

The Label is operating between Leipzig + Berlin since 2006.
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