Substitute 06:02
There is no substitute for love.
We beat this thing, we kicked it down, on the ground.



the city, a construction kit bathed in neon. two o'clock, the postman hasn't shown up yet. whatever, let's get going, taking a taxi to the precarium, all the boxes stashed in the boot, – no, we won't turn back now. there! will! be! no! rain! – starting an argument: what we mean is a turn for the better, better times, with mounting turnovers!profits on high! no more crisis! an upturn on all levels. the driver claims that he doesn't see this. – right on, … la boum III. but sometimes you can only achieve such results with radical new directions for your corporate culture in all areas of business.

getting out. who will pay the fare? whatever. the others are waiting over there, we step up. we all stand in a cricle. you get the handkerchief. as they sing their who-with-whom song you walk around them once: don't turn around, don't laugh. quatre heures le facteur n'est pas passé. – what kind of an attitude to a business model is this? and there's no one wanting to join the queue, nobody wanting to stand in line. a cyclical upturn. turning us off. close your eyes, the night is still young.

at one point you drop your handkerchief on the ground. it's lying there, behind one of those absent-minded kids, who you don't want to know. lying in the dirt. only one kid is up and running around the circle, singing: duck, duck, goose. the only way to get out is when some other kid has to take your place in the middle. the boom defines the way of thinking. no one wants to be the centre.

you, with your small blue bag in hand don't even realise that someone is tapping on your back three times. also you don't feel the cold. someone says, that nobody knows anything and if you want to get it, you have to bear the punches. so: don't turn around. a bottle passing around. stand still. look for a new victim. the game is simple: place: anywhere. duration: arbitrary. preparations: none. just wait till someone takes your place.
in the meantime the postman has come around. you didn't even realise. okay, now get in. – one, two, three!


released August 30, 2010


all rights reserved



MIKRODISKO Leipzig, Germany

378 Characters Mikrodisko

The Sound of: Musical Generics, Lost&Found, Euphotronics, Techon, MDM-X, Experi-Listening, Socio Relevance, Promo Beats, Cutted Edges, Flex-Routines, Folkloric Dance, Inside Out, Vinyl Come Outs, Nano Lipsitek, Technohouse, Re-Rhizome, Homolektriks and Atlantis. – "We call it Mikrodisko."

The Label is operating between Leipzig + Berlin since 2006.
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